Public House- The Venetian Resort, Las Vegas

Public House

While reading the Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine on a recent trip to Las Vegas, Ben came across an article about Public House. According to the article, Public House employed Nevada’s first certified Cicerone (beer sommelier), has over 200 premium beers, and offers a three hour “Beer College.” That was enough to get him hooked.

No more than a day later, we found ourselves planted at the Public House bar scrolling through their digital beer and cocktail menu that they make available not only on paper, but also on a few iPads placed at every few seats at the bar. The iPad at our seat gave Ben much more detailed information on the beers that he was interested in.

After 30 full minutes of careful consideration, and consulting with the expert bartender on the best vintage, Ben settled on an ale that was aged in a Lagavulin Scotch Whisky cask for seven years. The beer is J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (the ’05 vintage), and according to the bartender, the longer the ale sits in the cask, the less it tastes like beer and the more it takes on the flavors of the cask and the scotch. The beer came with a Belgian tulip glass, and was a beautiful amber color.

Megan and a friend of ours started with a glass of the Girls in the Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, which they said was tasty, but Megan had set her eyes on the whiskey shelf. They also made Megan a Basil Julep with Buffalo Trace whiskey, one of her favorite special order cocktails. The basil in the drink was surprisingly not “herby”, as one might expect, and the bartender ripped the basil into smaller pieces before muddling to release even more oils from the leaf. We came to just to drink, but after seeing their food menu we couldn’t resist. We ordered their cheese board, which was a perfect mid-day treat served on a cool burnt wooden slat.

We did get to briefly meet the Ciceron, looking very dapper in a suit, with a beard and a giant mustache that was curled at the ends. He was also carrying a bag of hops if you can believe it. The two wonderful bartenders, a hip young Asian dude and a pretty blonde were loud, boisterous and fun. They were also very informative, and told us they were working on their bar certification to be accepted into the Las Vegas Bartender union. Ben, being a service professional, considered it a special treat when a poor sap down the bar tried ordering a Stella Artois and the bartenders wouldn’t allow him to purchase it because, they said,”You’re better than that!”

We also met Scott Harris, a wonderful Sommelier and restaurant reviewer who runs the websites Vino Las Vegas and Cuisineist with his wife Elaine. He was an honest to god gem, and told us everywhere we should go during the last few days of our stay in Las Vegas. Scott has interviewed all of the big name chefs in town, and was even scheduled to interview Anthony Bourdain the very next week. Public House is the place to stop for world class beer, stellar service, and to get your itinerary for the week.

Visit our friends Scott and Elaine’s websites!

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